Healthy Eating



If you stepped back and looked at how you spend your day, what would you see?  Most of us see a fairly predictable routine, with a few unexpected but manageable events peeking into our routine on most days.   

In essence, most of our lives are built around habits. Some are very conscious habits while others may be things we haven’t given much thought to but we do them every day nonetheless. 

Learn how habits may be the biggest indicator of weight and lifelong health.

Create a Kitchen Layout that Promotes Easy Food Prep

I'm surely no kitchen designer, so I won't pretend to know what an ideal kitchen layout would be. What I do know is I like to cook and eat at home so I know what I'm eating. Moving into a place that needed a makeover gave me a chance to make the kitchen work for my needs. 

I'll show you the before and after photos and you can see some of the changes.  In a future post I will describe what's inside the cabinets, and why. 



There are a few finishing touches needing doing, including painting, mounting my cutlery magnet, outlet covers and some greenery.  If you were to add a "pop" color, what would you choose?