results from working with Peg:

“Peg Doyle is a caring, professional wellness coach, with years of experience. In our time together, she has not only taught me how to lose weight in a healthy way, but how to keep that weight off for the rest of my life. In addition to that expert nutritional counseling, Peg has shown me how to love, respect and care for my body in ways that support good health and ongoing wellness.
She is an incredible resource for anyone looking to live a healthier, happier life.”
— Wendy Leeds
I have made great strides this year with your help and support. Losing 30 pounds over a six month period, without starving or depriving myself but learning better ways to eat, makes me very proud and happy.
— Lynda B., age 48
Working with Peg has greatly enhanced and solidified my foundation for life work and self care. Her presentation and knowledge of holistic health care applied to all aspects of life wrapped a beautiful ribbon around the parts and made me ever mindful of the whole.  If you are considering doing this work and are seeking a knowledgeable, kind and compassionate practitioner you will find these qualities in Peg.
— Barbara Allen
Full of grace, wisdom, kind understanding, oasis of peacefulness. She thinks about things I say, and my work makes the person want to change for own selves, not external pressure. You put this in my lap with love and support.
— Pam Larsen
I’ve begun to notice that my blood sugar escalates when I am stressed and by relaxing through breathwork I am able to lower it. With Type II diabetes, this is important.
— Kelly K. age 49
This is very different from my past experiences with a nutritionist. Then it was about calories. Now it’s about me.
— Stephanie G.
I’m taking more control of what I eat and lost 20 pounds in 6 months. My clothes feel better and I have more energy
— Larry, age 60
I lost a little weight and lowered my blood pressure. I’m making better food choices and not having cravings. Peg was extremely supportive, non-judgmental and easy to talk to
— Christine, age 64
The most drastic change I made has been giving up artificial sweeteners. Having had breast cancer this is so important. I’m eating more whole foods and eating a good breakfast, something I always skipped before. And I haven’t been sick at all! My girls are now interested in eating well too.
— Kate, client in 2008
I’m more conscious of the kinds of food I need to stay balanced. Protein in the morning is a must for me. My self-confidence is much improved - I know I’m worth taking care of.
Peg gave me so many useful resources and helped me stop judging myself.
— Annette, age 54
I have more energy and am eating healthier than ever before. My digestion is so much better and I understand food much better now. I went down a whole dress size and am better at delegating and making my own needs a priority.
— Anne, age 58
Your 6 month program was perfect for me. I was feeling vulnerable after having breast cancer and changing my food was a jumpstart to all the other changes I’v made. More self-confidence, learning about many paths to wellness from Peg. My sleep is better and I’ve learned to relax more easily. As a health coach Peg was incredibly kind, understanding and extremely helpful.
— Lynne B. age 44
I feel so much healthier, my digestion is better and I’m making healthy choices. It’s a new lifestyle that suits me. I learned a lot and loved the books in Peg’s lending library. Now it’s not about weight - it’s about eating well and feeling good about myself.
— Joan, RN, age 56
Before I worked with Peg I did a hospital sponsored weight loss program and lost 100 pounds. I gained it all back and lost my gall bladder. With Peg I’ve lost 20 pounds over 6 months. Peg could come up with angles to unstick me in things I’m stubborn about. She’s easy to talk with.
— Ellen, age 50
I’m more relaxed and confident. I lost belly fat, inches, and my clothes fit better. My skin looks better and I’m happier overall. It’s really been a 360 for me.
— Tina L. age 57
On the 6 Weeks to Diet Freedom Program...
I really got a lot out of it and am continuing working with all the wonderful recipes and and great information the program provided.
I’m moving forward and Jack and I are keeping up with stocking up on the healthy food choices.  We’re making.and enjoying soups (Thai chicken is a favorite) and recipes from you!  
My biggest struggles are eating out, drinking wine.

— Angie Pugliano