Food Becomes You

In an easy to read fashion, Food Becomes You provides invaluable tips, examples, and recipes that will allow you to seamlessly incorporate healthy foods and easy meal preparations into your life.

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I very quickly read this book as I wanted to know more. The author’s approach is a no judgment, flexible plan. I recommend this book to all of my friends. I made two of the soups from the recipe section and felt great after eating them. You might say it’s food as medicine. Having been making an effort at eating right for a few years now, I realized the changes I had to make to do it even better. If you only follow some of the advice in this book, you will still end up improving your health. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes and hear from my friends who are now reading it
— L.D.

Beyond Cancer

Peg Doyle is the super-competent, understanding, grounded guide and nurturer of every cancer survivor’s dreams, the one whose mere presence brings reassurance, confidence and encouragement. With these six brief but powerful segments of guided imagery and affirmations, she offers pitch-perfect guidance to address those anxious moments when anticipating medical appointments, or just before a screening test, or for all the worries that impinge on cancer survivors in the post-treatment phase. Her calm, steady voice doesn’t have a false note, and her meditations for a healthy life redirect worries and concerns into positive action.
— Health Journeys, Guided Meditations

Stress Management | Meditation and Affirmations

This is just perfect for those with limited time - the guided meditation is 10 minutes long and the affirmations are less than 9 minutes. But the voice and music work together beautifully to quickly and naturally create the conditions for deep rest, rejuvenation and healing. We all agreed that we liked Doyle’s work tremendously.
— Health Journeys, Guided Imagery



Supplements should be considered an addition, not a replacement for quality nutrition and lifestyle.  When buying supplements, invest in quality products that are developed in established research-based laboratories. I recommend Metagenics for meeting  standards set by USP GMP Audit Program which is a recognized evaluation program     in 140 countries across the globe. 

Note: Consult your health care practitioner to prevent any unwanted interaction with other medications, vitamins or herbal supplements or negative effects on health conditions.

Automatic  20% discount  for Wellness and You subscribers

Automatic 20% discount for Wellness and You subscribers