On the Holiday Weekend Road Again....

Long summer holiday weekends, like the one coming up, are times we find ourselves in the car, heading toward the shore, the lake or the mountains, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite road trip snacks. Sadly, most highway stops offer limited choices, so I’m going to make some suggestions of easy things to pack in the car that won’t spoil over a long weekend, and then I’ll give you a few things to reach for at the road stop that won’t leave you overdosing on junk. 

Things to pack: 

  1 jar of Teddy peanut butter or individual packets of Justin’s peanut  butter

  1 container of hummus if you have a cooler

  a package of organic baby carrots

  fresh fruit - pre-washed peaches, plums, cherries, watermelon slices

  hard cheese cut into small cubes

  nuts - bulk raw, organic almonds, walnuts, pistachios

  lots of water, fresh lemons and herbal tea bags

Simple snacks for the road

Simple snacks for the road


Here are the best road stop options that won’t leave you feeling icky

    •    Drinks - go for water, seltzer or tea

    •    Bananas - they are one of the rare fresh fruits that can usually be found at gas stations and            road stops. 

    •    Nuts - Reach for unsweetened almonds, walnuts, or pistachios Yogurt  - Plain Greek yogurt           0% or 2% is the best choice on the road.

    •    Hard boiled eggs - I’ve seen these in a few road stops and it’s a great protein option if you             find them. They may not be free range organic, but, hey, it’s only once in awhile. 

Remember, most road trips aren’t so long that you’ll always miss a meal, so don’t overdo it on the snacking or you may spoil your appetite for dinner, or you may come home with extra unwanted pounds. If you’re hungry, have a nibble; if you’re bored, turn up the music and rock on.