A Simple Quiz

Successful longevity begins early in life. Seventy percent of your health outcomes come from your lifestyle, and the foods you choose every day can make a huge difference in your ability to resist disease and other conditions that interfere with your quality of life.

Take this short quiz to see how you are doing.  

1.   I eat a quality breakfast that contains little or no sugar every morning.  (y)  (n)
2. I wake up feeling rested most days.  (y) (n)
3. At the end of the day I typically feel (a) exhausted  (b) content (c) irritable  (d) overwhelmed
4.  I eat a combination of  5-7 fruits and vegetables daily (y)  (n)
5.  I limit my amount of refined sugar consistently (y) (n)
6.  I avoid sugary drinks like coolattas and frappuchinos (y) (n)
7.  More than 80% of my meals are prepared at home (y) (n)

Take a look at how you've answered these questions.  See where you may be doing fine, and also where you may be needing some change.  

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