Summer's Coming - Are You Ready to Shed Your Layers?

Summer's Coming - Are You Ready to Shed Your Layers?

Summer is fast approaching.  The coats and layers come off. Is the shedding of the coverups something you look forward to, or do you feel a sense of dread that last year’s summer clothes will be just a bit too snug on you? Losing weight and gaining it back is demoralizing. 

Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Ever wonder what metabolism has to do with weight gain or loss?  Metabolism is basically the sum of all of the activities your body has to do to stay alive and breathing and keep you rockin'.  It's calculated as a  basal metabolic rate; the energy, or calories you need simply to be alive in a resting state.  Calculate yours here and then come on back to see what you need to do to lose unwanted weight.  

It makes sense  that your goal is usually a HIGH metabolic rate and definitely NOT a low one, yes?  Here are some ways to wake up that metabolism engine of yours:

1.  Make sure you're eating ENOUGH.  Yes, I said it; you may not be eating enough for your body to know it's okay to burn off some energy.  Your body is sometimes smarter than your rational mind; it knows if you don't have enough food so it takes action and slows the burn. Not good when you're wanting to lose weight. 

2.  Eat regular meals.  Breakfast is most important, so make it a good one filled not with muffins and bagels but with high protein foods - fish, eggs, plain Greek yogurt, and some veggies like kale, onions, mushrooms. 

3.  Build muscle. This is a BIG deal!  Fat only burns 9 calories per pound and muscle burns a whopping 38 calories per pound.  Lift those weights, practice yoga, do your squats, ladies and gentlemen. 

4. Eat sea veggies, nuts and wild seafood.  These give you a blend of iodine and minerals like selenium to nourish your thyroid. You need a heathy thyroid to have a healthy metabolism. 

So how does my healthy eating plan fit in when we're talking metabolism?

It's all about balance.  In my book Food Becomes You you can find simple recipes that give you a blend of all the foods you need to get your metabolism into just the right level. It might take some time, you won't see rapid weight loss, but rapid weight loss in the past is exactly why you might have been having trouble losing weight now.  

Be patient, eat well and get moving.  You can do it!

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