Summer's Coming - Are You Ready to Shed Your Layers?

Summer is fast approaching.  The coats and layers come off. Is the shedding of the coverups something you look forward to, or do you feel a sense of dread that last year’s summer clothes will be just a bit too snug on you?  

Weight fluctuations are mostly caused by yo yo dieting.  If a crash diet - and there is a new one every year - is your first thought, slow down for a minute.  Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish. You want to look and feel good, yes?  You want to feel good about yourself, yes?  

Well, look and feel trim and healthy,  and feel good about yourself, That should be a constant, not something that sprouts up because the number on the scale changed. Let’s think about how to get there, and stay there. There are 6 ways to make that happen

  1. learn what simple whole foods are, and which ones you like

  2. get in the habit of eating food that you prepare at home

  3. plan ahead so you have the food on hand

  4. shed the quick fix dieting books/mags/programs

  5. hang out with friends who have similar goals

  6. be willing to get the support you need

I’m here to help you. 

If you believe in these 6 ways, I would like to help you break away from dieting once and for all, and get to a place where you know your nutrition needs, you feel better, and your weight stabilizes. 

6 Weeks Icon

6 Weeks to Diet Freedom is a proven program with 6 step by step modules, one delivered each week, along with a weekly coaching call with me.  I hold your hand throughout, giving you all the information you need to understand the difference between foods that nourish from foods that trigger appetite. I give you recipes, menus, self-care techniques and resources. You can reach me by email as many times as you need, with no question or challenge too trivial to answer. And that’s on top of the coaching calls. 


Of course you want results.  You want to put your effort into something that has lasting potential.   Here’s what you can accomplish with 6 Weeks:

  1. a better understanding of hunger triggers

  2. a routine that is easy to follow and enjoy

  3. a routine that leads to stabilizing weight

  4. more energy and better sleep

  5. reduced health risks

  6. more self-awareness and self-confidence

Here's what women say about this program

"This is the first time I  never said  ‘I need to lose 30 lbs' or set unrealistic goals.  I am being mindful living each day by day   Baby steps.   I feel no pressure of dieting.  Nothing seems to have a negative connotation with all the resources that have been given to me during my time working with you during the cleanse and this 6 wk program."  Joanne Walsh

"Peg Doyle’s 6 Weeks program helped me in a step by step way to look at the triggers for weight gain and to slow down, add healthy organic foods, become mindful about my surroundings, and she showed me how to plan and cook simple recipes. " Kirie Santos, NP

"I know now that the weight loss piece is emotional and about one’s state of mind. the state of you andyour life.  Not about calories"  Michelle C. 

Open Enrollment

We each find the time that's right for us.  Change works best that way, provided you identify a specific time and begin your transformation right then.  Putting it off to get other things done is a disservice to you. There will always be other things that need doing. You know you can do your best when you feel your best, so if 6 Weeks feels right for you, choose a start date and enroll. I will be in touch to get you started on your best date.   Go here for all the details.