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Secret Sauce

Teachers go into the staff room and hear “I did Paleo and lost 15 pounds"... "don’t eat grains, they are bad for you”.   Downtown professionals hear about Ideal Protein and jump on the bandwagon.  So why aren’t dieters successful when they use these diets?  There are many reasons, but the secret sauce that is missing from all these diets is YOU.  

You Are You and Nobody Else 

Diets are created with a one-size-fits-all approach.  Is that how you choose your clothing? Your eyeglasses if you wear them? Your shoes?  Diets do not work because they give you a list of foods you can and cannot eat with no consideration to your specific nutritional needs. And when you don’t have foods that are right for you, you will feel out of balance. Balance is key if you want to feel energized and free of food obsessions. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. what is my typical day like? Am I physically active through the day or do I sit a lot?
  2. how old am I? 
  3. what part of the country do I live in?  Is the weather the same all year or is it seasonal?
  4. what is my living situation? alone, partnered, family unit, social community
  5. what is my present health status? have I had any serious or chronic illnesses? 
  6. do I have food sensitivities? if so, what are they? 
  7. do I have cravings? if so, for what? 
  8. where do I eat? home at the table, restaurant, car, other?
  9. how is my belly health? daily bowel movements, constipated, bloating, gas?

Being clear on these issues will tell you far more about what you need to achieve weight loss goals than any diet can do.  When you get clear on who you are, you can take all the important principles of nutrition and tailor them to your needs.  

Diets Lead to Disappointment and Frustration

We become overweight from eating poor quality foods.  Using a diet to lose weight that was gained from eating those foods will only be temporary, and data shows that 85% of weight lost by restrictive dieting comes right back on. Why do that to yourself?  

Love that Sauce

Yes, the secret sauce in all of this is getting to know yourself and your health status right at this very moment. Once that is clear, the next step is learning to nourish yourself with simple whole foods. I show this in my book Food Becomes You  

Another illustration of the effectiveness of eating simple whole foods came from a story I heard last week.  A woman shared that her Mother recently passed away at 106.  I’m always eager to know an elder’s story, so I asked her what her Mom’s health was like. She said her Mom was sharp as a tack, took no meds, and always said“Food is Medicine” .  And it is!  There is nothing more powerful than a mix of high quality foods freshly prepared and eaten in a peaceful environment. Whether you are healthy, recovering from cancer or dealing with a chronic illness, food is powerful medicine.    You can figure out the "medicine" you need when you start with simple whole foods and pay careful attention to how they make you feel.  Remember, one size does not fit all.  You may do great with broccoli but get a belly ache from asparagus. 

An Invitation

If you want the tools to make this happen for you, I can help you.  I can tell you more about what’s wrong with diets, but I’d rather help you learn to make wise, intuitive choices that are right for you so you feel empowered in truly caring for yourself. 6 Weeks to Diet Freedom is now being offered on a rolling admissions process.  Join me and I will support you every step of the way. 



February is the month of love.  Learn to love your body. It’s the “home” you live in all your life. Honor it with quality food.  

                                                           Happy Valentine's Day/

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When It Comes to Healthy Eating - Think Simple

When It Comes to Healthy Eating - Think Simple

If you're wondering how to start eating healthy, think of what will be different for you - your health, your appearance, your energy?  Having a purpose for making a change is a strong motivator.  

Strawberries Are Coming!

June Is Strawberry Month

Like all fruits, strawberries have a season in which they are most abundant, and in Massachusetts  that begins in mid-June.  Local strawberries are juicy and tender and quite different from the berries you can buy year round from California. 

Buying the Best Berries

Strawberries are a fruit that should be purchased organically or from Massachusetts farms that limit the use of chemicals. For organic farms refer to for your strawberries. 

Go Organic for California Berries

If you buy California strawberries at any time of year, choose organic.  California non-organic strawberries have high concentrations of pesticides that can do more harm than good.