6 Simple Steps for a Healthier YOU!

There are periods every year where the buzz is about complete overhauls - your diet, your body, your home, your finances, etc.  But the truth is, haven't you made your most lasting changes not from turning your world upside down, but from making a series of small changes, all adding up to big improvements in your life?

That's how most of us find success.  And that's why I  want to share 6 simple steps with you.  

Healthier You in Six Steps

  1. Eat simple foods that you buy and make at home.  I'm talking simple here - organic eggs, fruits and veggies that you like, antibiotic and hormone free meats If you don't know where to begin, click here..
  2. Detox - yes, we all need to. Switch your skin care and home cleaning products to those approved by EWG.org. Get rid of artificially scented candles and air fresheners. Use organic fertilizers
  3. Move - an essential activity for all humans who are able. Watch children and the energy they have to see how movement play a part
  4. Improve your thinking - our thoughts become our reality. Do a mind check often and steer your mind toward the positive. It's an open road where the opposite is a dead end
  5. Rest - yes, another important step. If you've been sleep deprived for years, make this your first step. Sleep with give you the energy to make better decisions about your food, your movement and your thinking. 
  6. Check out who you hang out with - we are all products of our experiences. Hang out with health minded people and it will be much easier to be healthy yourself. 

Action Plan

Choose one step that seems most achievable to you and go ahead and put it to work.  When you experience success, you'll have the energy and confidence to master all the other areas. 

Share your experiences in the comments below so you can not only see your success in print but you'll also be inspiring other readers to do the same.