A Classic or Junker?

Mid-Lifers - Are You a Classic or a Junker?

If you are someone who keeps your car for a long time, you value the importance of ongoing maintenance.  My grandson owns a 1998 Honda Accord that was previously owned by a woman who never missed a scheduled maintenance. She sold it to Michael with the confidence that this new driver would be in good hands. (His encounter with a large turtle meandering across the road is another story, but suffice it to say, the turtle was spared thanks to Michael’s compassionate decision to dodge the big fella.)

Just like cars, the classic/junker outcome is true for us humans.  Let me explain.  

With good prenatal care, most of us begin life in relatively good health and with immunity to disease.  In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory is that you are born with a certain amount of energy, or chi, that keeps you alive.  This initial blast of chi is supplemented by a balanced lifestyle that adds more chi to your body. The new energy comes from two primary sources: food and the breath.  

As you go through the first few decades of life, you may be blessed with seemingly good health.  You may get by on little sleep, eat junk food, smoke and use alcohol for several years and still look pretty good. The problem is you can’t see what is happening on the inside.   Illness doesn’t happen overnight. It is the accumulation of many years of benign neglect or outright abuse. The lack of quality energy coming into the body leads to decline. 

Let’s go back to the classic/junker idea.  If you are someone who continually nourishes yourself with quality food and breath work, in all likelihood you will become a classic.  If you have a steady diet of highly refined and processed foods with few if any nutrients in them, I think you know where you might be headed. 

Of course, sometimes someone can live a healthy lifestyle and for reasons that are hard to understand, they get sik anyway.  IN thise instances it may be genetics (30% factor) an environmental pollutant, unmanaged stress, or an accident. 

But here we are looking at the choices you have control over - the lifestyle choices when it comes to food and how itimpacts your future.  It happens in simple steps like picking up that apple and putting down that bagel. Every day. 

To become a classic, you must make a clear decision about the kind of health you want in your later years.

Here are 5 simple steps to begin the process of improving your food and your longevity:

  1. Clear out the old and bring in the new
  2. Improve the function of your digestive system
  3. Educate yourself
  4. Know your biology
  5. Keep your own health records and understand what they mean

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