It's Time

Intuitively we all know that food is medicine.  But you may not have any strategies in place that make it easy for you to eat healthy every day.  Sometimes having strategies is half the battle. You know when life gets in the way, if you don’t have a system in place, you grab and go and your best intentions fall by the wayside. 

But when this happens, think about how you feel.  That inner critic pounces on your back and scolds you, saying there you go again.  It’s easy to just throw in the towel when you hear that critic, but with a program designed to support you and get you well established with consistent habits, you can tell that inner critic to get lost.  I have such a program for you and I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. 

Awakening Midlife Wisdom

I woke up to the importance of of staying healthy in my late forties.  Most of the women I have coached in nutrition have a similar awakening at about the same time.  I used to wonder when I first opened my practice why so many women were approaching midlife, and then I realized it’s because we have a lot in common.  With maturity we realize that health is really important and it requires attention.  Some women got knocked down by an illness and wanted to avoid a recurrence at all costs.  Others just saw the pounds creeping up and and energy and pep fading away and wanted to feel better. These smart women also knew food was at the heart of staying well.

I’ve been doing private coaching for women 40+ for many years now. I listen carefully as much as I advise.  Why?  Because it’s your story that tells why some things are working well while others are not.  Here are some of the most common stories:

  • I know I should eat well but I don’t have time
  • My husband only eats meat and potatoes
  • I work long hours and am too tired to cook when I get home
  • I keep dieting and losing weight but I gain it all back
  • I’m so stressed all the time that I eat to quiet myself down
  • My doctor says I’m pre diabetic 
  • I’m a night owl and don’t eat breakfast
  • I’ve forgotten how to cook
  • I love pasta/ice cream/soda/etc
  • I don’t know what foods are right for me
  • I love my sugar
  • I have cravings at the same time every day

Does any of this sound familiar?  These stories are universal and as I listen to women I use my knowledge and experience in nutrition to guide them, one step at a time, to plan and prepare food that rids them of the cravings and the cycles of weight loss and weight gain.  

Karen’s Story
Hi Peg all good and feel great! I did not give myself enough credit for my last cleanse experience. In retrospect, I had eliminated coffee, diet sodas, most processed foods from my daily intake and incorporated my warm lemon water into my wake up routine. I am reading Deepak Chopra, MD “What are you hungry for?” and enjoying a daily meditation as part of my wake up routine. “I am happy, I am healthy, I am loved, and I am free” the “I am free” is with regard to being a victim and/or hostage to YEARS of bad habits and yo yo dieting. It’s a process. This is not another diet; it is a life style choice. Thank you for your continued support, a component I need for success. Until tonight. Namaste:~)
— Karen Dempsey


What would it be like for you if you could take your story and turn it around so you are nourishing yourself and feeling and looking better? What would it be like if you had more energy and didn’t rely on sugar or caffeine to get through the day? 

Well, I have good news for you.  I’ve listened and learned from women in my private nutrition counseling practice and now I am taking the key elements from that program and offering it to you in a very comprehensive, understandable GROUP PROGRAM-  ON LINE at substantial savings from the cost of individual coaching.  

6 Weeks to Diet Freedom  is  customized for you.

Once you enroll in 6 Weeks you will have access to coaching  calls to supplement what you learn in the modules. You have unlimited access to me by email throughout the program, and I want to you be in touch with me. That tells me you are engaged and motivated to make changes in your food.  You can read all about it here. Make a commitment now to your health. 

Stop feeling frustrated by quick fix weight loss programs.  Learn how to eat well once and for all. Your body will thank you for it.