Post Holiday Cleansing Detox


Post Holiday Cleansing Detox


Are you trying to get off the sugar and fat cravings you picked up over the holidays?Join the weeklong reset of your taste buds. We'll start on Saturday, January 5th to eat and live cleanly for one week.  Optional introductory group phone call on Saturday January 5  at 10 am Eastern US time to answer any questions and get you started.  

All participants will receive shopping lists, daily action plans for food and living.  More details: 


  • one introductory group call on Saturday January 5th. It will be recorded for anyone who can’t make the call.

  • you will receive helpful resources and research findings on how food choices influence cravings and beneficial food combinations that will help you more fully understand the biology around cravings and how to stop them

  • foods for this one week will focus on pesticide and chemical free foods and ideally in the absence of meat and dairy.

  • attention will be given to increasing awareness of lessening exposure to environmental toxins

  • you will receive menu recommendations for your meals, whether eating in or dining out, that will continue to cleanse and balance your system

  • tips on building a strong immune system to prevent flu and other winter ailments

  • a special FB page for anyone who would like to work on cleansing in community with others.

  • I will be available by email for any and all questions, success stories, frustrations and suggestions

At the end of the week you should notice improvements in your focus, energy and digestion.  You will also have less body aches. 



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"Is it possible just two days of eating clean could make my knees feel better?"  

That was a cleanse participant who had been eating a lot of sweets and rich holiday foods.  She was clearly amazed to find that eating clean had such a quick effect on her achy knees.   As you may know, the title of my book is Food Becomes You.  Why?  Because it truly does.  

"I was a little headachy the first few days.  Is that normal?"

Headache and body ache may show up.  It's the body's way of releasing toxins and may include caffeine withdrawal.   Drinking lots of water and herbal teas will hasten the process.