Master Cleanse

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autumn detox foods.jpg

Master Cleanse

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Shifting to foods that build immunity and keep the body warm in the colder months is essential for good health.

Do you traditionally struggle with weight gain over the holidays? If so, you will find Cleansing raises your awareness of how you feel when you eat well and in balance. It is a natural way to keep overeating in check so you’re not left with regrets and unwanted weight gain at the end of the year.

This Cleanse is completed over a single week with menus and recipes that make it easy and workable no matter how busy you may be.

The main goals are to give you a burst of warming nutrients to protect you from Autumn viruses and to set the stage for healthy eating through the holiday season.

Here’s what you’ll receive in my Autumn Cleanse:

  • a simple shopping list to stock your pantry and refrigerator for the fluctuating temperatures of Autumn

  • menus and recipes for simple real foods that keep you satisfied

  • a group coaching call on Friday, November 1st to answer your questions and get you started

  • a self-evaluation tool at the end of the cleanse

Special savings apply for early registration. Follow the prompts to Enroll Now or contact me with any questions.

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Enroll in the Wellness and You annual Autumn Cleanse to prepare your body for the transition from warm weather to Autumn. A cleanse at this time of year assists the body in adjusting to temperature and light fluctuations that so often trigger colds and fatigue.