The Science behind Habits

There is a science to changing habits.  Maybe you want to lose weight, but every night you find yourself in the same kitchen cabinet getting the same snack out while waiting for your favorite show.  Wanting to lose weight is not enough when a habit is repeated every night.  Why?  Because the behavior that’s stopping you from losing weight is imprinted on your brain.  It’s an automatic action and easy for you to do - over and over again. 

But is this a habit that serves your higher goal of losing weight?  The answer is pretty clear- it does not. So why is it so hard to stop? Is there a solution? 

The Habit Solution

The good news is there is a solution.  You need to create a new habit that is more supportive of your goal of losing weight.  That seems easy enough, but when you think about those embedded neurons in your brain calling you to the cabinet for your nightly treat, it really is not that easy.  It’s not that easy - until you create a new habit that is equally pleasurable but also compatible with your overall goal of losing weight. 

Join 6 Weeks for Big Habit Changes

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