Stress and Weight

Stress and the Quick Fix

How many times have you reached for a double expresso or a muffin or a plate of fries or a dish of ice cream to calm you down? Wow, it’s easy to do, isn’t it? But I don’t have to tell you that doing this does not solve the problem that led you to this deep dive into poor choices. And sadly, it creates a second problem, and that is indigestion or at the very least, a less than ideal feeling. 

Going for these foods may not be your coping mechanism.  You may be more controlled with your food and just sit and steam over your problems, or they may keep you awake at night. That may not work for your weight either. Why?  Because whenever you have unreleased stress, you are activating stress hormones.  Those stress hormones are essential for getting you to move fast or think fast when you need to. However,  when they are activated, they do something no person wanting to lose weight wants- they slow your metabolism.  

Find Your Remedy

Relaxation techniques must be a part of any weight loss program.  When it comes to techniques that work, you need to think about what relaxes you other than food or caffeine.  It may be something very active like dancing or running, or you may benefit from learning simple affirmations that slow you down and calm your mind.  Think about your nature and that will help you know the best way for you to let it go and feel the calmness your body needs to function at its best. If affirmations are what you need, contact me and I will send you 3 of my favorites. 

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." Deepak Chopra MD