Flu Shot....Or Not?

Every year we are faced with the decision - ‘do I get a flu shot…or not?’ However you answer this question, know that what you do every day has an impact on your susceptibility or resistance to any illness or germs that may come your way. How else can we explain the fact that one person “catches” a cold or flu in the office, and 5 other people in the sam office do not?

Build Your Immunity

Here are some simple steps for building your immunity

  • get enough sleep - ideally 8 hours per night to restore and repair

  • eat in season - Mother Nature knows how to keep you healthy

  • manage your stress - yes, it directly affects your immune system

Dig Deeper

Eight hours of sleep may seem impossible for you with your busy life. Take a look at how you spend your time. Can you cut back on your online time? Can you at least stop online communication 1 hour before bedtime so your mind is clear of the ‘blue light’? Are you eating dinner early enough to be digested before going to bed? Figure out what you need to do so you get those quality sleep hours. Quality sleep positively affects immunity, weight management and overall body repair.

Eating in season is easy if you have access to Farmer’s Markets or even searching the web for Fall Foods. You’ll see they offer an abundance of color - mostly yellow and orange. These foods support your immunity. They are like medicine. Add medicinal herbs like garlic and ginger to the mix and you’ll be in good shape.

Stress can do a job on your immune system. It strains your brain, tenses your muscles and releases stress hormones. It can interfere with sleep and digestion. Autumn is a time for deep breathing, turning inward, and through these actions you will find your shoulders and neck relaxing, your breathing more even, and your stress level abating.

Final Thought on Flu Shots

Make your decision mindfully on how you build and protect your precious health. Base your decisions not on fear but on your intuitive sense of what is right for you for any medical intervention. Be in partnership with your health care practitioners. Your health belongs to you.

Need Help on Diet or Stress Management?

I’m happy to have a conversation with you on these topics, either in person or by phone, to help you sort out your challenges and your goals. Contact me to schedule a time.