What Is Your Tummy Trying to Tell You?

Did you know the Digestive System is known as your Second Brain? It has so many nerve endings, organs and hormones that it is in close competition with the brain in terms of importance for survival and optimal health.

Yet it’s easy to ignore or even mistreat the digestive system, until it calls out in distress. That is the time to step back and ask yourself “what am I doing that may be causing this upset?’ Instead of reaching for Pepto Bismol, or an antacid, explore the possible causes and solutions that I’ve listed for your distress that will restore balance to your very important digestive system.


Common Causes of Digestive Distress

processed foods - additives, chemicals, dyes all stress the system

antibiotics in red meat, poultry, eggs and dairy; overuse of prescription antibiotics

food sensitivities - may not be outright allergie - takes some observation

eating too fast and not chewing - miss out on the amylase enzyme in saliva

night eating - sleeping before digesting is a major cause of acid reflux

stress - releases cortisol, slows metabolism and digestion; may cause nausea


Eat simple whole foods and pay attention to how they make you feel. This takes some detective work and you may need to do an elimination diet and slowly introduce the foods that may be the culprits if you have digestive problems

Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly and consciously, not in front of your laptop or mobile phone.

Stop all food 3 hours before your bedtime

Practice hara hachi bu - eat enough, but not too much; stop when feeling 80% full

Contact me if you need support in healing your digestion. We’ll work with your symptoms and find relief.