Craving Crushers

It's Not Always about Food

There is a lot about eating, weight and self-image that is not about food.  It is about life, Things that are going on, or not going on that make us happy or unhappy.  These behavioral issues can dictate what you eat.  That in turn leads to regret or a sense of inner control. . 

Kill the Craving

You're bored.

You're stressed.

You're tired.

You're lonely. 

These are all triggers that set us longing for that bowl of ice cream or bag of chips. Or maybe a plate of pasta.   We all have these experiences. Consider yourself a smashing success if you resist most of them. You say it's impossible?  Then maybe you haven't heard these secrets for crushing your cravings.

5 Craving Crusher Secrets

  1. Drink.  Water, that is.  It doesn't mix well with chips, sweets, ice cream or pasta. Have a glass and watch your craving subside (it will fill you up too)
  2. Are you bored?  Stop whatever you're doing and think about what really excites you and plan to do it asap. You'll forget all about the craving. 
  3. Are you stressed?  Breathe. Take a walk. Follow tip #1. 
  4. Are you tired?  Figure out if you need to get more rest or more exercise. It's usually one or the other. 
  5. Are you lonely? Aww, sending you a hug. Give yourself a hug. And call someone. Or help someone. Feel better.