Carbs - the Maligned but Essential Food

Food is classified into three types:  Protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  These are called macronutrients - macro because they encompass all types of foods that fall into one of the three categories.  Each can be broken down into sub-categories, and this is where i t gets really important. 

Carbs Are Bad for You

Have you heard that before? It's common knowledge, but it is entirely incorrect.  Carbs are an essential nutrient, a nutrient that gives you your daily energy or glucose. Without carbohydrates you would all be exhausted and drawing energy out of your muscles, slowly wasting away. Carbs are extremely important; the key is to choose the ones that give you steady energy and won't lead to weight gain. 

Low nutrient carbohydrates give you a quick burst of energy and quickly fade away, triggering hunger and more eating. These carbs are the ones that lead to obesity, and probably a host of conditions like Type II diabetes and heart disease. 

Separate the Good from the Bad

These are the carbs you need. They give you energy and keep you from feeling hungry. They are complex carbs and the secret to managing weight. 

Don't rely on these for lasting energy. These are simple carbs and cause weight gain when eaten frequently.