Why Six Weeks Can Change Your Life

Dear friends,

If you are a woman at or approaching midlife, I want to teach you how to Fix Your Broken Diet and Feel Great!

You see, dieting at midlife only causes frustration.  What will work is a lifestyle change, one that leads to lasting results, and that's what I can show you in my NEW program. I've been using these principles for years with private clients and now I want to make it easy and affordable for everyone, whether time or money or both held you back from solving this problem.. 

There are sooo many benefits to eating healthy, and I was thinking about one of them today as I was out walking.   Eating well helps to clear out the sludge that accumulates in your veins and arteries from too much sugar and fat. it does!  Part of eating well is limiting inflammatory foods you may be habitually eating and replacing them with as much high quality foods as you need. That would be fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for starters , and these are great at doing internal housecleaning. 

Before I studied nutrition I had no idea how much sugar was impacting my health.  I knew it wasn’t a superfood, but even when my triglycerides were sky high my doctor never questioned me about sugar.  He only asked if I was eating a lot of red meat, which I wasn’t.  (I changed doctors.) 

Body Changes

The truth is, when you eat well, your insides change for the better.  Digestion improves. That makes for better disposal of waste that your body doesn’t need. There’s less gas and bloating. Just watch the documentary Forks over Knives to see the changes people experience in a very short time. 

Okay, you may already know all this, but you’re saying life goes on, you don’t have time, you don’t know what to buy, or you don’t know how to prepare food. I get that. Today there is so much information out there that can make you throw up your hands and say WHAT’S THE USE??  I was at a comedy show recently and the comedian did a skit on gluten and peanuts - the current bad boys in the nutrition world. While a very limited few have true allergies to one or both and should NEVER eat these foods, for most of us we might feel better from not eating them because we ate TOO MUCH in the first place. Attention on a few foods sheds the light away from the real issue, which is eating too many poor quality, highly processed foods. 

My nutrition Experience Pays off for you

I’ve been working with mostly women for nearly 20 years now.  I’ve learned a lot from my studies and I’ve learned a lot from these wonderful people who have trusted me to guide them toward a healthier way of life. I’ve learned that you cannot isolate food from the rest of your life. You have to make room for it and make it a priority so you can have the energy that you need for everything else that you do. Without good nutrients you will rely on sugar in the form of white flour products like bagels and pizza, and sugar in any form you can get, and caffeine in any form you can get, and probably also adrenaline, that precious commodity you should be saving for emergencies. 

Which way seems easier for you?  if you choose the healthy food way, I can help you. Six Weeks to Diet Freedom is the way.  I’ve taken all that I learned from my training, studies and experience with hundreds of women and consolidated it into this program that works for the busiest of women. 

Six weeks to diet freedom

Six Weeks will give you everything you need to be successful in learning to eat consistently well. It has the basics where I show you specific products that are free of additives and preservatives that can trigger hunger and cravings.  Once you have the basics in your kitchen, I show you how to use them, making quick meals that don’t take a lot of time. The results you will see in a very short time may surprise you.  Less hunger. More energy. Better sleep. Excess weight loss. Less bloating. Better numbers on your checkup.  (My sky high triglycerides have been in the normal range for years now.)

If you are worried that you’ll be dieting forever with this plan, let me assure you Six Weeks to Diet Freedom is an accurate name.  You see, when you eat healthy most of the time, you can be selective about your treats.  I learned nutrition this way because Ilike to have a treat now and then.  But when I do, I choose a high quality treat and don’t need or want a whole sleeve of cookies. Before I understood healthy eating i would not have believed this.  One client told me the same thing. When I told her she would one day pass by the dish of Hershey’s kisses on her co-workers desk without even an inkling of desire, she silently said to herself “That’s NEVER going to happen”.  Well, it did, and it can for you too.  When your body and your brain knows you are well-nourished, it won’t disturb you by activating your sugar or salt craving. 

no more dieting?

Think about how this might change your life.  What would you do with the time you’ve been investing in diets and quick weight loss plans, only to lose and gain it all back?  How will you spend time when you have more energy and look and feel better? Only you know the answer to this, but i think you will be doing something much more fun than dieting!

This is a lifestyle change.  It’s a call to action to love your body and put good things in it.  

the details

The news gets even better.  Because I’ve consolidated the key elements of my private coaching practice into a group program, you will have the energy and support of many like-minded women along the path with you.  There is always strength in numbers when it comes to women getting things done. Here’s how the program works:

  1. there will be a specific set of modules released to you every week
  2. you will have access to a live and recorded group coaching call every week
  3. you have unlimited email access to me through the 6 week program 
  4. you will pay a fraction of the cost of my private coaching plan

I'm very excited to share this with you, and once it's really to roll, there will be some additional bonus items put in just for you.   Stay tuned. 

It's coming soon, and I'll be posting more about it in the next few days.