Do You Have a Crystal Ball for Your Health?

The only thing that is real is today.  Yesterday is just a memory of a time past, and the future is only what we might imagine.  

What you do today, however, maps the course of your future.  It’s extremely hard to imagine that when you are 20, or 30, or even 40, but what you do in this moment affects your future.


Today we know that refined sugar is an inflammatory food that causes damage throughout the body.  What do you do with that knowledge if you are 20, or 30, and aren’t yet seeing the results of eating a lot of refined sugar?  It’s difficult to forego something that may be yummy when we don’t see effects yet, but if you are really wise, and disciplined, you will take steps to limit your sugar.  

Here’s how to do it:

1. Read Labels

The 160+ pounds of sugar most Americans consume annually is not coming out of the sugar bowl.  It comes mainly from processed foods and beverages, take out and restaurant food. When you have access to the label, look for sugar on  the nutrient panel. Know that 4g = 1 tsp.  Check the number of servings per container to know exactly how many grams you consume based on how much of the container you eat. 

2.   Expand your palate  

You may be accustomed to the flavors of sweet and salty only.  Add foods that are sour (lemony) bitter (dark greens)  and pungent (mushrooms) to round out your experience. 

3.  Prepare your own food

This is the only way you can really get a count on your sugar intake.  Buy fresh and prepare at home, seasoning with herbs and spices.  


Illness Takes Time; So Does Health

Illnesses caused by elevated triglycerides and cholesterol don’t happen overnight. They are the result of years of too much processed, prepared foods that are filled with sugar and salt. If you’re lucky enough to be tuned into this reality and eat pretty healthy from early adulthood you will be in a much better position for lifelong wellness.  Your look into the future will be bright.  

It's Never Too Late

older woman eating.jpg

For those who don’t tune into the causes of declining health until later in life (I was one of them) take heart - your body loves to heal.  Pour the right nutrients in and your body will thank you with improved health, energy and longevity.