Cleanse Q & A's

You ask the best questions! I was pretty cautious and you should be too before signing on to do a cleanse. There are so many kinds, and it is important to know if any one of them suits your needs and your lifestyle. 

Questions You Ask:

Q Will I be needing to be close to a toilet? 

A. Might as well start with the most common question first.... no you won’t.  This is a very gentle cleanse where you’ll be giving yourself normal food, just a cleaner, higher quality food than you might normally eat.

Q. Will I be hungry?

A. You shouldn’t be. The food will be highly nourishing. You get hungry much faster when you eat low quality foods with additives and chemicals. This should be a breeze

Q. Someone said you get really achy when you do a cleanse. Is that true?

A. If your diet has been really poor, filled with lots of caffeine and sugar, etc. you may experience some headache or body ache the first couple of days. It’s simply the release of toxins and it will pass rather quickly.

Q. Will I have enough food choices - I’m a picky eater.

A. Yes, even the pickiest eaters will find enough foods from the choices to be happy. If your tastes are really limited, there’s nothing wrong with repeating your favorites several times over.

Ready to give it a go and get your mind and body ready for Autumn/Winter?

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