Has Your Belly Had Enough Holiday Sweets?

Are you totally immersed in the hustle bustle and fun of the holidays now, crushing down cookies at the office or gorging in the pantry, all the while saying to yourself ‘Im going to pay for this come January’?  
It’s why crash diets and gym sign ups are so popular and heavily advertised right after Christmas.  But there’s a more important phase you need to go through or results of any actions will be short-lived.  

You need to wean yourself off of the sweets and fatty hors d’oeuvres with a concentrated cleanse and then learn how to eat well for lasting balance without dieting

I’ve helped men and women cleanse over the past 20 years, and from their results 

I know this phase is critical to lasting success.  It’s like a runner or dancer stretching before they start their routine.  Laying the groundwork is a must for getting your cravings under control. 

The Concentrated Phase - and Why It’s Necessary

I call the concentrated phase after the holidays The Rebalance and Detox phase.  If you’ve been on a bender with sweets, your body and your brain will be calling for more.  Once you get it that it’s biological, not a weak will that causes this, you can begin to forgive yourself and call yourself biologically imbalanced instead of a weak willed glutton!  

Here are 10 reasons you might want to Rebalance and Detox in early January, according to men and women who have followed my programs for the past 20 years.  These are the top outcomes they reported:

1. the structure of the detox helped wean me off sugar

2.  I lost some weight and feel less bloated

3.  Better digestion, constipation gone

4.  Joints feels better

5.  Skin looks better

6.  Blood sugar stabilized

7.  Less brain fog and headache

8.  Craving fruits and vegetables - yes! 

9.  Less moody

10. My pants fit

Contact me now to get answers to r all your questions about cleansing. It takes only one week to reset your appetite and reduce or even eliminate your cravings.  You’ll have a better understanding of why it’s so common to feel the way you feel over the holidays.

You can also find out more about cleansing by following this link.

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