Supplement, or Not?

As a health coach, my first recommendation is that you eat simple whole foods that are freshly prepared.  Eating this way gives you the best chance of getting the nutrients you need, especially if much of your fruits and vegetables are grown organically. 

Supplements are just what their name implies - they supplement or enhance what you are already eating to fill in any missing gaps.  A rule of thumb I follow:  the better your day to day nutrition, the less supplementation you need; the worse your day to day nutrition, the more supplementation you need. 

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Always consider your food, your health history, and even the climate you live in when deciding on supplements, and of course check in with your health care practitioner before starting any supplements.  Herbs, medications and supplements and even certain foods have potential interactions, so it is important to provide full disclosure.   

Metagenics is the only company I’ve chosen to endorse because they have a long history of solid research and quality assurance along with ongoing educational programs. There are other high quality companies as well, but since my primary focus is on nutrition from food, I selected only one company to work with.  Because of my relationship with Metagenics I am able to offer 20% savings over retail for those who order through my site.