What Mark Stowes Says about Food Becomes You

Reading Food Becomes You

Sometimes the best person to describe what the content of my book is about is not me, but a person who reads it. See what Mark Stowes had to say about Food Becomes You - Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness. 

Here's what Mark had to say:

Hi Peg,
I finished your wonderful book! I started a new eating program on Saturday based on your advice. I think the book is a gem as it’s so concise and easy to understand. It’s not overwhelming with scientific research and, thus, much less intimidating. I like the fact that it makes implementation of a good nutrition program so simple and easy to follow. I plan to write down some nice, short quotes that you use and paste them onto the fridge.
I was able to connect so many dots in terms of how food impacts us/me. One thing that especially struck me is that the brain stops the hunger signals once it has the nutrients it requires - that’s so obvious, but may explain why people overeat when they have a terrible, unbalanced diet of processed and junk foods. It could explain why some, including myself, are “binge eaters.” I’m sure there’s more to that problem, but in my case I think it’s part of it because it happens primarily when I’m eating “junk” foods.
Anyway, if it makes sense, please let me know how I would set-up an appointment. I’m not sure how your sessions work, but I assume you’d want to review my eating habits and other things.
I look forward to a session together!
Thanks & Take care,
— Mark Stowes, MBA

If you can relate to Mark’s comments and would like a copy of the book, go to Amazon.com  The book is available in both paper back and Kindle. Reading the book will give you all the fundamentals for eating well without starving yourself or putting yourself through useless rapid weight loss plans.