Is Sugar Sneaking Up on You?

Sugar cravings are sneaky.   Just when you think you’ve got them under control, a holiday pops up, you have a super-stressful day, or you just don’t have your quality food shopping done so the cupboard is bare. 

easy ways to crush your worst sugar cravings

1. Increase your protein

Too much protein isn’t good for the kidneys, but too little can trigger cravings for sugar. Some go-to sources of rich protein:  grass fed beef, wild salmon, organic tofu, organic free-range local eggs

2. drink more water

Even notice that sugary snacks seem less appealing after a big glass of water?  Add some lemon and you’ll really nix the sugar craving

3.  get busy doing what you love

Have you ever noticed that when you lose yourself in something you love, you forget about food? Even sweets? Find sweetness in doing something you love and you’ll forget ll about that call for sugar. 

4. get support

If asked, most of us would say we like sugar, or salt, or both.  It turns out that neither food has more than a minimal benefit to us when consumed in small doses, and both can be harmful when consumed in excess.  

If you feel stuck, my approach to health coaching is not completely removing these foods from your diet. Instead, I show you how adding a regular menu of simple whole foods cantering about a sense of balance in your energy and your palate that has a way of painlessly crowding out the sugar and salt excesses.  If you'd like to see how that happens, schedule a complimentary consultation in person or by phone with me and we'll get to work on it.