Three Habits of People with Excellent Digestion


Having a healthy digestive system means much more than not having a belly ache.  Did you know a healthy digestive system plays an important role in the your immune system, your moods, your metabolism, your blood sugar, and strong energy? 


Think about it - your digestive system runs from almost the top of your body to the bottom of your torso - it covers a lot of ground.  It’s an assimilator of nutrients and a transporter of waste.  It’s also usually the first part of the body that signals you when something is off. Indigestion can show up as gas, acid, bloating and even in the form of a rash. 


Three Habits

1. Eat real food

Skip the processed foods and your body will have far less work to do in the digestive department. No chemicals, no additives and lots of fiber and nutrients makes for an easy and effective passage. 

2.   Eat in a relaxed and conscious manner

Don’t go to the table angry or stressed. Your body will be way too busy activating stress hormones and won’t have the energy to digest. Relax, take a deep breath, and let it go. Then step to the table and eat what you need to feel restored and refreshed. 

3.   Leave three hours between eating and bedtime

For anyone who experiences acid reflux this is especially important. For everyone, it matters because your body does its repair work while you sleep, and it can’t do that very well when it’s busy digesting. Same principle as habit #2. 


Next Steps

It’s only after these three habits are well established that you can begin to look at other possible causes of indigestion and/or weight issues. Once you know you’re eating real food in a relaxed manner and stopping well before bedtime can you begin to look at other possible causes of your troubles.  You may have a food sensitivity. You may be eating more protein than you need.  There can be many reasons, but get the habits in place first. You may be chronically stressed or upset. Once you get the 3 habits in lock down you can play detective and figure out what else needs to be tweaked. 


Could It Be That Easy?

Let’s look at my client Mary. She had a lot of bloating when we first met.  When I asked her what her food was like, she said it could be better.  When I asked her where she eats and what that’s like, she said she ate lunch at her desk during a 15 minute break between appointments with very demanding customers. When I asked her about dinner, she said she got home late every night and grabbed something before she went to bed.  Well, you can imagine why Mary had bloating and indigestion.  But the funny thing is, like many people, Mary had grown accustomed to feeling bloated. Until she changed her food and when and where she ate it she had no idea how much better she could feel. When she started feeling much better she put in place these 3 habits and everything changed for the better. 

What Could You Do?

If one or all of these habits is missing from your routine, how would you feel about trying them?  Let me know in the comments - would love to hear from you.