Chew my food? Nah, I inhale it!

That’s what lots of women tell me.  These are not the grazers, but the ones who wait so long to eat that when they do they feel famished and can’t wait to shovel it down. You know how it is, rushing around in the morning, off to work, hectic day and working through lunch. 

Why This Isn't Good

  1. missing out on chewing prevents the pleasure of actually tasting your food and isn’t that one of the best parts of eating?
  2. inhaling your food doesn’t give the vital enzymes that are only in your mouth a chance to do their work
  3. not chewing makes your stomach work much harder than it needs to
  4. gulping down your food includes lots of air, and you know what that means - belching and gas - ugh!
  5. inhaling your food sensate give your brain enough time to say - wow, I’ve had enough, I think I’ll stop now. 

My Advice

So my advice is, if you want more pleasure, better digestion and less chance of gaining weight from over-eating, start chewing. And chew again and again.  Chew until the digestive enzymes in your mouth turn those morsels into nutritional superheroes that pass through your stomach with ease, ready for the good stuff to be absorbed by your small intestines, just as Nature intended.