Waiting for the Perfect Day

I've been in beautiful Burlington Vermont this week, a city I'd not visited since I was a child, so clearly a new city to me.  I'd been reading about it in the Sunday Globe, describing its vibrant semi-earthy-crunchy vibe, the ever interesting downtown with its streets closed to cars, all bordered by the huge Lake Champlain.  

The biggest draw was learning about the bike path that edged along the Champlain. I love riding bike paths because everyone is bicycle-friendly and I can just enjoy the ride and all the lush surroundings. So off I went to Burlington.  But I made a mistake. 

A Perfect Day

I waited for the perfect day to ride my bike.  One day dark gray clouds hovered over the lake.  It sort of looked like rain.  It didn't rain, and I missed my bike ride.  The next day the same thing happened.  I checked out the lake, and sure enough, a few ominous looking clouds hovered overhead.  I passed on bike riding.  It never rained - in fact there was a gorgeous sunset that I only experienced on foot.  

Today is my last full day here.  I knew it was now or never for that glorious bike ride along Lake Champlain.  When I woke up the streets were soaking wet.  I looked at my weather predictor on my iphone and it looked like I'd be okay until 10 o'clock, so I jumped on my bike at 8 and hit the bike path.  By 9 it was raining.  Hmmm, waiting for the perfect day, huh?  I actually already missed 2 of them because I was looking for perfection - pure blue skies, nothing short of that. 

It's Never Perfect

It got me thinking about how we approach things we want to change.  Have you been wanting to eat better, get more rest, exercise more, reduce inflammation, and feel better all over, but you haven't found the "perfect day" to begin changing your habits?  One day isn't great because it's a busy day. Another isn't great because you want to relax. Another isn't because you're too stressed out.  And on and on it goes. 

Carpe Diem

Your being too busy, wanting to relax, or being too stressed just might be like the clouds that kept me waiting and delaying what I wanted to accomplish.  There is never a perfect time for anything, and if you wait, you may be like me and end up riding in the rain.  So carpe diem, seize the day, and start making the changes you've been promising yourself. It's much easier than riding a bike on a slippery path.