Better choice than NSAIDS like Motrin and Advil

FDA Strengthens Language

The FDA for years has suggested that consumers use caution when taking anti-inflammatories for pain as they possibly increase the risk of heart attacks.  Now they have elevated their findings to an actual warning that these medications pose a real risk of heart attack.  

No one likes pain.  But pain is an important signal that something is not right in your body.  It should be listened to rather than concealed by means of a painkiller.  These medications do have their place in isolated circumstances, but I’ve heard more than a few people remark that they eat them like candy. 


Listen to Your Pain


If you have pain, listen to it.  Ask yourself why.  Are you pushing your body too hard?  Are you stressed?  Or perhaps you are like a client of mine who injured her knee and continued to experience pain with the exception of one week where she followed my food elimination plan.  Interestingly, she noted when she was eating in a specific way, she had no pain.  This did not surprise me because the foods I asked her to eliminate all had the potential to be inflammatory.  When all are removed from the body at once, you can experience relief rather quickly. 


Pro-active Healing


My suggestion about eliminating pain?  Don’t rely on NSAIDS to manage your pain. Examine your lifestyle and see what might be triggering your pain. Explore various forms of therapy - shiatsu, Reiki, chiropractic, Alexander technique, Feldenkreis, acupuncture and physical therapy to correct the problem. Eat a healthy diet and hydrate with lots of water. Put down your cell phone and give your head, neck and hands a break. And finally, move your body regularly - movement is essential for preventing pain.