Slow It Down

Look at the titles of the emails in your inbox.  How many of them say: last chance! Hurry - only 2 hours left! - don’t miss out! deadline is here!    No matter where you look everything seems to be an emergency. I starting thinking about that.

My Own Words

I began to notice the words I use to describe ordinary activities and got a little alarmed by them, but it also answered why I always felt rushed.  I jump in the shower. I run to the store. I fly to the train station. Obviously I’m not actually flying, though that might be fun. 

When you consider that thoughts become things, my body and my mind can be quite tired by the end of the day if I’m thinking every action I take is urgent and rushed. 

Change It Up to Slow It Down

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m noticing my words and when I catch myself flying, running or jumping and I’m not actually engaged in any of those things, I’m changing my words. I’m stepping into the shower. I’m walking to the store. I’m walking or driving to the train station.

Words and Food

Words affect your relationship with food too.  Do you grab lunch?  Do you say you’re starving when it may be time for lunch and your body reminds you? Do you eat on the fly? What kind of experience can you have when you look at food this way? Would you make wise choices? Would you savor the taste of the food? Would you digest well? 

The fact is when you think of grabbing your food there's very little chance that you will enjoy it in a nourishing way.  Here in America we rush.  

Banish Excess Weight and Digestive Issues

If you are someone with weight or digestive issues, slow it down and most of your problems will resolve. Absent-mindedly grabbing a bite to eat will ignore your internal hunger gauge and can result in poor chewing and problematic digestion. A key step in weight loss and digestive health is mindfulness. 

Capture the Moment

When we rush it’s easy to miss out on the moment.  A day can end and you don’t really know what you’ve done or enjoyed. Being present and aware of your experiences can teach you so much about what is important.  I hope you’ll join me in erasing rush, fly, run, grab and all the other words that rob us from fully experiencing each moment. For the most part, these moments are too precious to miss. 

What Clients Say

I appreciate the perspective that food is not the enemy and deprivation is not a good answer. B.M. age 47

I was amazed at how calm I felt after eating whole grain brown rice.  Food really does affect me.   J.G., age 35

This is very different from my past experiences with a nutritionist. Then it was about calories. Now it’s about me.    S.G., age 43

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