My FAME formula

How many times have you said  “I want to eat better - I know it’s important but I just can’t seem to get there”?  It’s a thought that can keep you stuck for weeks, months and even years, sometimes until you have a serious health scare. 

Well, I have a formula for you that is simple, straightforward and manageable.  
It’s called  F-A-M-E, and here's how to make it happen. 

F - focused plan - you need to have an idea of what you want to accomplish and how you’ll get there. If you want to eat better or healthier, how will you go about making it happen?  What would be your desired outcomes? When you give thought to these issues you have a much greater chance of achieving success and actually eating better/healthier. When you are clear about your plan, write it down and refer to it daily. 

A - action and Accountability.  Once you develop your focused plan, you need to move from there into action.  You can have the best plan in the world but if you continue with old habits - eating out, grazing, low nutrient foods, etc., nothing will change.  The other half of the A is accountability.  Highly successful people seek out a coach or mentor or someone who holds them accountable.  Having someone to hold you accountable will make things happen. That’s what I find with my clients - they say it makes all the difference checking in with me because they want to be proud of themselves. They want to share what’s new and good since we last meet, and they want to think out loud about what might be getting in the way of their goals and how that can change. I never shame or demean anyone, no matter how poorly they may have been eating - when they are not meeting their goals I simply work with them to analyze why - what got in the way - and we move on from there. 

M - models that work. You want to eat better so you dive into the latest diet plan.  History shows that doesn’t work. Research shows 85% of people engaging in diet plans fail. I say the people don’t fail - the diets do.  You need to know about and choose high nutrient foods that you like. They will keep you satisfied, energized, and won’t leave you hungry and deprived. Eating well isn’t punishing - it’s nourishing. But you need to know what foods are best for you and how to prepare them in ways that work with your busy lifestyle. 

E - execute.  Yes you need the focused plan, you need to take action and have accountability and you need a model that works for you. Once you have these things in place, you need to execute the plan on a consistent basis. This only happens when you stay conscious of your goals and devote the time it needs to let you accomplish it. 

One of the motivators for many of my clients is knowing that when they are nourished they have more energy and feel better about themselves.   Who doesn’t want that?  If you’ve been thinking it’s selfish of you to devote time to this because your work/family/friends need you, think about what I just said about my clients.  They have more energy and feel better about themselves.  When that happens, you can’t help but have more to give to everyone, including yourself. Your head will be clearer, you will be healthier, and you won’t be serving others at your own expense.