Personal and Social Factors that Affect Weight

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is something we all want.  The question is always about how we accomplish this important goal in the midst of very busy lives. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is one factor we mostly agree upon as a part of staying well. Sadly, 66% of Americans are overweight today and more than 33% fall into the obese category. If you are one of them, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent further weight gain, and perhaps shed some pounds permanently, not temporarily, as diets would have you do.

Eat Real Food

Michael Pollan talks about this in his book Food Rules.  It is a basic and important first step in getting your weight to a healthy level.  Why? Because real food nourishes you, and when your brain knows you are nourished, it turns off the appetite signals. When the appetite signals are powered down you'll be less apt to randomly eat things that cross your path over the course of the day

Eat at the Table

Where do you eat? Eating at the table means you are sitting down and not multitasking. It gives you a chance to enjoy your food and to be conscious of how much food you are eating.  Eating in front of the TV or laptop deprives you of that awareness and pleasure of eating your meal. 

Do What Makes You Happy

Do you remember when you were a child, playing outside with your friends and having fun? You Mom might call you in for dinner, and that would be the first reminder that it was time to eat. Being happy, doing things that name your heart sign, puts food in its proper perspective. You won't be eating to fill a void; you;ll eat because you are hungry. 

Get Enough Rest

Sleep helps to regulate metabolism. During sleep you restore cells and tissue and if you don't have enough sleep your mind and body will start the day at a disadvantage. It can trigger ADD like thought processes or cloudy thinking and low energy. This makes you more vulnerable to overeating, thinking food can replace rest as an energy source. It only leads to weight gain. 

Get Support

Don't be embarrassed if you have forgotten how to cook, or you don't know which foods are healthy and will keep your weight in a desirable zone. Restaurant parking lots are full most nights these days, and this has been a major factor in that lost connection between food, pleasure and eating just enough and not too much. Every week there's another story about which foods are hazardous to your health that it may be confusing you.  If you need help in learning what foods to choose or how to prepare them, contact me and I will help you.