Adventures of Nutrition Cleansers

What to Expect

I'm writing this post at midpoint of a two week cleanse.  Several of the women who signed up for this cleanse are first-timers, and I think they tell the story best when it comes to what you might expect on a cleanse of this type. I have changed their names to respect their privacy. 


Jane is focusing on gratitude and for the simple pleasure of making soup.  Since this is an Autumn cleanse, soup fulfills in terms of nutrients and hydration.  She's been successful in refraining from a number of foods and replaced them with more nourishing ones. She's also thinking ahead to the next day for her meal planning

A Wide Array of Cleanses

There are almost as many ways to cleanse today as there are diets. Some are quite restrictive and designed for rapid weight loss; others focus on colonics and cleansing only the digestive system; others have pre-packaged juice or food, while others load up on supplements.  The Wellness and You cleanse, whether in Spring, Autumn or Post-Holidays, is all designed to give the digestive system a rest, tune the cleansers into the deeper meaning of nourishment and self-care, and eat nutrient rich organic foods in keeping with the season.  Cleansers should always consider their goals before choosing a cleanse type. You want to have a feeling of success upon completion, and a deeper knowledge of yourself and your body's needs


Susan reported that she was doing great and said  Why don't I always eat like this? Its not that hard to do with a little prep and organization.

Susan had a headache for the first 2 days and felt nauseous. That's an indicator that prior to the cleanse, she was consuming foods that were now flushing out of her. It's a little like the athlete who on first outing has muscle aches. 

It was also Susan's first Halloween where she had no candy. She's been packing a lunch each day and has not felt hungry and during week one sees no real challenges going forward. 

The Power of Healthy Eating

Both Jane and Susan's experiences demonstrate the power of healthy eating and the importance of planning.  It also demonstrates the benefit of a shared experience.  Being part of a group cleanse is a motivating factor for many who would otherwise not attempt to do it on their own. 


Melissa said I am working on being better prepared and also planning time to food prep. Work in progress. I like knowing you are there supporting and encouraging us.  When it comes to food issues, we can be so critical when we are not perfect.  That is a self-limiting behavior that is eliminated during this cleanse, just like the low quality foods that make us sick, uncomfortable with our bodies, and chronic low energy and hunger. 

A Cleanse Can be Your First Step

We all find our way to health and wellness in different ways.  A cleanse is simply a way to begin if your diet has been chronically poor quality,  to rest and reset if your diet has been pretty good  but not consistent, or to adjust to seasonal changes Contact me if you would like more information or click here to register for the next group cleanse.