Jane's Night Time Food Fests

I met Jane at a social function.  We got talking about life in general, and Jane told me she was a writer.  She worked for a company in a marketing capacity and freelanced on the side, writing blog posts. She said she loved her work.

When she asked me what I did, I told her I help people figure out how to eat healthy and make it work in their busy lives (the easiest way to explain, I think?).  Jane said she'd struggled for years with those 30 extra pounds, and noticed she was gaining more of late.

Social gatherings are really not the place to get into deep conversations about such topics, so I invited her in for a consult. 


It  turned out Jane routinely skipped breakfast because she wasn't hungry.  
Can you guess why she wasn't hungry?  I'll bet you can - with her 2 jobs, Jane was up late.  So she ate late.  Indent the best food.  .


All the research is showing that breakfast is critically important for weight management.  I list it as one of the 6 important keys to weight management. 
The most effective way you can manage your weight is to have a 12 hour fast between your last food and you breakfast. You'll give your digestive system a break and you'll be hungry when you wake up.  

This was step one in my work with Jane. She not only began to lose weight, but she noticed she had a lot more energy through the morning.  
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