Wisdom from a 6 Weeks Client

Now with open enrollment you can join 6 Weeks to Diet Freedom anytime, we're seeing more people enrolling because you can choose the date you want to start.  

Ann is someone who started last week. She is newly retired and travels quite a bit and waited until she had 6 consecutive weeks where she would be home and able to give her goals her full attention.  

brown rice.jpeg

When we had our weekly call this morning, Ann told me that my suggested plan of preparing a 3-4 serving pot of whole grains is working really well for her. She said it's such a relief to know parts of her next meal are  waiting for her when she gets home.  A scoop of grains in a stir fry, or a scoop to round out a summer salad is so easy when it's all ready for you to add to a few other ingredients. 

It's really simple steps like Ann's approach to having grains on hand that make it possible to consistently eat well and not stopping for take-out where you might get something far less nourishing than anything you can make at home. 

What are you doing to make your meal planning easy?  Do you have food at home you can prepare easily, or does it feel like a stressful chore trying to come up with something? 


The Six Weeks program takes you step by step in how to make things work for you.  You can read more about it here.