Are you living your best life now?  If not, chances are it’s time for a change in your food.  With a simple whole foods based approach, I make it easy for you to reach your full potential, no matter your age.  Age is not the cause of low energy and disease; poor nutrition and a stressed lifestyle cause disease.. 

In this 6 month program I take you step by step through a process to change your food for the better (we find foods that you like, by the way) and create a more vibrant and balanced lifestyle. 

You’ll live a long life. What do you want it to look like? Don’t be saddled with medications and illnesses. Be pro-active and vital. 

Start with a complimentary personal consultation in person or by phone and see if devoting 6 months to your future is worth it. 


This online program begins on June 15, 2017 is for those of you who don’t have the time or need for a customized private program but want to make significant improvements in your weight, eating and lifestyle.

This revolutionary system is designed to put you in charge of your food, your life and your wellness. It ends dieting and gives you a step by step program that works no matter how busy you are. With 6 Weeks you won’t be counting calories. You get the right food combinations and access to lifestyle habits that end self-sabotage. You get unlimited support from beginning to end. You receive all the key elements of my indiviual program in a convenient format at a fraction of private coaching fees. 

Online access to 6 learning modules, uploaded weekly, designed to build your foundation, get you going, and teach you to maintain over the long term. 


A weekly 1 hour coaching call with me to review your progress, field your questions and keep you on track.  My years of experience helps you to make a complex life change easy and obvious. All calls are recorded if you can't make the live call. 

Dozens of downloadable .pdf's, packed with the resources, guidance and practical tools you need to succeed:

  • Topic Examples: Uncovering Your Habits and Patterns, Understanding the Role of Stress in Weight Gain, Tune in to Hunger & Satiety Signals, Mindfulness and Eating. 
  • Tools: Goal Setting Worksheets, Simple How-to Recipes, Weekly Meal Planners, and more! 
  • Tap the buy now button to find multiple bonus items that are included at no extra charge for a limited time. 


Identify your nutrition and lifestyle goals and schedule two 15 minute personalized calls per month. Here you have accountability without shaming. We don’t just say you went off the rails; we figure out why and learn from it. 

This program is for busy women and men who want ongoing support. Some have completed my 6 Weeks or 6 Months program and use Express Coaching to keep their health and nutrition top of mind. Others are simply looking for ongoing accountability in their eating and lifestyle. 


Cleanse programs are offered three times each year, Spring, Autumn and Post Holidays. Each includes unlimited email support, live coaching calls and various bonus items that complement the season. 

Who enrolls in a cleanse?  Anyone wishing to reconnect with their nutrition and lifestyle goals at the start of a new year or season.   Seasonal changes in light, temperature and food supply make these turning points ideal times for resetting your nutrition and activating the energy needed for the upcoming season. 


Post Holiday Cleanse is held in January. A healthy approach to nourishment isn’t exclusively high nutrient foods.  The holidays may be a time for some sweet indulgences, leading to a post-holiday desire to return to a more healthy way of eating. The main emphasis in this cleanse is detoxing from sugar to eliminate blood sugar fluctuations that lead to sugar cravings. Eat well post-holidays and protect yourself from colds and flu. Scheduled in early January.

lamb jumping.jpeg

Spring Cleanse supports the body, mind and spirit in transitioning into the damp, rainy windy season with emphasis on foods that clear congestion and prevent seasonal allergies. The diet shifts from winter soups and stews to lighter foods that enegize and clear mucous while moisturizing the skin. There are some brief optional fasts built in for those who want to lose weight along with transitioning to warm weather foods.  

Autumn Cleanse is the start of a building process to prepare for colder months ahead. Focus shifts inward with the shortened daylight hours and foods are immune building in nature.