I’m a Foodie AND I Take Supplements

More than 20 years ago when I stopped my daily treat of Peggy Lawton chocolate chip cookies and replaced it with fruit and nuts, my triglycerides dropped more than 200 points in only six months. 

That’s when I learned the power of food to heal.  Six months without daily doses of sugar that turned to fatty fibers in my blood was enough to convince me that food truly becomes you. 

When I work with people looking to get healthy and feel better, we always start with food.  I ask what are the best choices for each person,  how much and how often?  And then we look at the origin of the food. Is it fresh?  How long since it’s been harvested?  How was it grown - organically or with pesticides?  All of this factors into the quality of the food you eat. 

Not everyone has access to organic foods all the time.  But staying the course and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and for non-vegetarians eating optional clean meat and seafood is possible for most of us.  

Why I Take Supplements

Anyone who has worked with me knows I place supplements as a secondary form of nourishment.  They are no replacement for quality food.  Eating pills will not fill you up, you won’t get fiber from them, and they have no taste.  Still, because the quality of our food supply is not always ideal, I think it’s wise to look at what your nutritional needs are and what your family history suggests as areas in which you may be at risk.  The next step is choosing a high quality supplement company, or just save your money and rely on food. 

Find a Good Supplement Company

There are several I like. Standard Process, Nordic Naturals, Garden of Life and Metagenics all produce high quality, tested products that are worth buying.  After careful consideration I became a provider of Metagenics supplements because of their extensive research and development operations and their quality standards.  You can read more about them on my portal, but before you do, I’d like to share some results with you, both my own and those of some people I’ve cared for. 

Fish oil - 

We all know that omega 3 fish oil is important. I love salmon and walnuts, but I don’t eat enough to make a difference in my heart health.  I’ve been taking Metagenics EPA/DHA  liquid  fish oil  and raised my good cholesterol 20 points. It’s remained steady ever since.


Nearly everyone in the Northern hemisphere is D deficient.  D3 vitamin protects against         melanoma and  aids in absorption of calcium.  I take it year round to keep my levels up.


Today we know how important the micro biome is for physical and mental health. These         good bacteria reside in the intestine and support immunity.  https://doyle.metagenics.com customizes their     probiotics to support specific ailments, such as IBS, immune building, etc. You can read         more here. This is especially helpful to match your condition with the specific bacteria in         any given probiotic formula. 

Here are some situations in which I’ve recommended Metagenics products:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

There is a measurement people with RA use to determine the level of inflammation. It is         called the sed rate, or sedimentation level.  After just 30 days on 2400 liquid fish oil, one woman’s sed rate dropped to zero Her rheumatologist was quite amazed. Another person with RA saw a significant reduction in her swollen joints and less pain overall. 

Sports Injuries

 Metagenics has a product called SPM  Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators The tablets are made of fractionated marine lipid concentrate and in simple terms flushes out remaining healing molecules that are no longer needed at the injured site.

Medical Foods

 I especially like two of Metagenics offerings. UltrainflamX Plus 360  is for overall         inflammation with a concentration of anti-inflammatories that would be impossible to get from food alone. 

    The other is a restorative food for a digestive system weakened by a poor diet or medications. It’s called UltraGI Replenish.  Knowing that upwards of 80% of your immune system is located in the gut, and much of your seratonin is housed there as well, having a healthy gut is essential for a healthy life. 

Client Discount

Metagenics products are not cheap.  They cost more than those products you can buy at CVS, Costco and Walmart because they have clinical and scientific staff all over the world who validate the efficacy of Metagenics products.  They are tested for shelf life and it far exceeds the standard over the counter supplements.  This is why I trust them. 

Metagenics allows providers like me to give a discount up to 20% to those with an account on their portal. I have a standard practice of passing the full 20% discount to you at all times because I believe in them and want you to be able to get them at the best possible price. 

Call me if you need more information on which product(s) might be best for you. I’m happy to help.