Worried about Your Health? Take Action


Ready to get rid of the fear and worry around your health? Jean, one of my current nutrition clients, said once she turned 50 it seems all she does is see one doctor after another. She wanted it to stop, because it seemed the solution was always another medication and she thought if she kept taking new meds now, what would it be like by the time she was 60 or 70?  

She wanted solutions, not more medications.  To me, there are 2 major solutions to most health issues:  improve the quality of the food you eat and develop a balanced lifestyle. 

We started with food.  Jean was a big restaurant diner and at first was embarrassed to say how much she ate out, and how much she spent in restaurant dining every week.  She also said she hadn’t cooked much at all in recent years and just didn’t know where to start. 

Off to the Grocery Store

We made an appointment to do a grocery shop. It had been so long since Jean did anything more than a quick pick up that we focused on getting all the essentials in so she could start cooking again.  We bought staples for the pantry and a small amount of fresh organic vegetables and fruits - enough to get her started but not leading to overwhelm or waste.  

A Few Recipes

I gave Jean a few of my favorite recipes - all simple and do-able in a short amount of time. They included Tuscan bean soup, butternut squash/apple soup, vegetarian chili , and  blueberry smoothies , all dishes that are easy to make and can be taken to work.   I also introduced Jean to some medicinal foods since she has a lot of pain from eating an inflammatory diet.  

Resisting Temptation

I get really excited when I work with someone who really wants to make changes int heir food and their health, but I also know that little steps, small changes, are more likely to work than huge overhauls.  

What Happened

Jean and I had our initial consultation in early April, followed by the grocery store trip in the middle of the month.  I met with her again last week and was looking forward to see how it was going for her.  She came in all excited.  “I’ve been making the soups and I LOVE them.  But the best part is, they seem to be giving me more energy.  I’m not exhausted when I get home from work and I’ve actually been going out for a walk some nights.” 

Yes, change can happen that quickly.  

If you want change, here are the key steps:

  1. start cooking again.  It’s healthier and cheaper!
  2. find a way to get groceries into your home. Peapod, Amazon, a physical trip to the store - whatever works for you
  3. eat real food - not prepared food that has all sorts of chemicals and preservatives

That’s it in a nutshell.  Nothing complicated.  It’s all about being ready and willing to make changes that will improve your health and your energy, and your pocketbook.  It’s not just those restaurant bills; it future doctor bills that are sure to follow many years of poor quality eating. 

I meet with private clients twice monthly with email support in between.  Online group clients work with me for 6 weeks of concentrated work to make changes. You can learn more on my Program page. 





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