Resource for Baby Boomer Book Clubs


Do you have a book club of Baby Boomers ?  If so, I invite you to use my book - Food Becomes You - Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness as a future choice for your club.

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Here's what a couple of Boomers said after reading it:

I just love this book by Peg Doyle, “Food Becomes You”! It has been the catalyst for me as I become a healthier and more educated consumer. Since I have arthritis, I found from reading her book, that many of the foods which I consumed were the foods that cause inflammation.
I’m becoming more aware of what I eat, staying away from the foods that no longer serve my better health, and eating those foods which are healthier for me.
The format of Peg Doyle’s book is easy to read, her grocery list is very helpful, as are the recipes she shares.
I have bought books for family and friends who are also enjoying it.
I highly recommend “Food Becomes You” to all the “Baby Boomers” out there!
Thank you, Peg!
Susan A. Gillis
Boston, MA
Peg has written a clear and practical book about nutrition, weight loss and leading a healthy life. I believe this is the only book on healthy eating that ill ever need to buy.

here's how it works

Contact author Peg Doyle and arrange a date for her to "join" your meeting in person or by Skype. Members purchase a copy of Food Becomes You .  one month in advance of the  scheduled meeting with Peg , where questions are answered and action plans are developed for improving nutrition habits and practices to enhance lifelong wellness.