Be Beautiful Now


Being the right weight is a lot about loving yourself.  You can’t love yourself fully if you’re depriving yourself of looking your best, waiting for that perfect figure. You can’t love yourself if you squeeze into too tight clothes or wear oversized tunics that hide you. 

My client Kathy was working hard at changing her eating habits.  She really wanted to lose weight and knew the food choices she’d been making in the past were not the best.  So together we were setting goals - a good breakfast every morning, either whole oats with fruit and nuts or an egg with veggies.  She was feeling really good but wishing she could lose weight faster.  

Fast Isn’t Best


The problem is, we are not the most patient when we want to make a change.  It’s customary to want change to happen quickly when it’s something we really want. Like we're off to the races.

But think about other things in life you may have wanted to change.  You may have changed careers, or moved to a different location at some time in your life.  Big changes like these usually happen gradually, with much thought and many actions before we reach the end point.  It happens when you learn a new sport. You are not so great at first, but with patience and perseverance, you get better.  Look at Tom Brady. If you are learning to sing or to dance; you expect it will take time and hours of practice. 

With weight loss, what is most apt to stay off is the weight that is shed s-l-o-w-l-y.  Weight gain happens over a period of months or even years, and losing excess weight should have a similar rhythm.  You can possibly lose one pound every week if you make steady improvement in your food choices, eating enough but not too much. That is the kind of weight loss that is most likely to stay off.  A focus on eating high quality food instead of looking and the scale every day makes it much easier to be patient.

What about Clothes?

I’ve met many women who buy clothes that will  fit them “when I lose weight”. They say the clothes sit in their closet, tags still attached, waiting for the day they fit. Or they wear them and don't feel comfortable in them.



Kathy used to do that, but no more.  As we continued to work together, she shifted her focus from waiting until she lost the weight to looking her best right in the moment.  She bought a wardrobe that complimented her right then, so she looked her best self.  Then she went out and got a sassy new haircut.  When she came in to see me, she looked stunning.  Not only because of her clothes; it was much more about her stride, her air of confidence and comfort with her new self.  It made me so happy! 



Treat Yourself Like Royalty

My advice? If you are looking to lose weight, treat yourself like the queen that you are. Ditch the oversized, loose fitting clothes and stretch pants or too tight shirts; buy a couple of pieces that are nicely made and actually fit and flatter you.  Choose colors you feel best in, whether black or a rainbow color.  Ask a sales person to help you if you are not sure of what to buy.  Add some jewelry.  Celebrate yourself.  And while you’re celebrating yourself, choose simple whole foods that actually nourish you like Kathy does.   That’s what leads to weight loss and your readiness for those smaller sizes. 

Eating well does not mean suffering.  Read through my blog for recipes that are simple to make and will keep you from feeling hungry.  Eating nourishing food and dressing is the best way to say  “I love you” .

Need Help?

If you are ready to love yourself in a big way and feel better than you have in years, contact me for a complimentary health consultation.  Don't wait. Aim for a brighter, healthier more energetic future, starting today.