Supercheap Superfoods

The big box grocery producers make junk food eating pretty inexpensive. The problem, aside from their being nutrient deficient, is they spark appetite, so it's easy to eat a lot of them. Who ever eats 3 potato chips or 2 jelly beans?  

Cost of Eating Healthy

Researchers looked into cost comparisons of diets of processed, less nourishing foods and high nutrient foods, They gathered data from 27 studies and found it costs only $1.50 more per day to eat healthy. That's a small amount of money to pay for putting healthier food in your body.  It doesn't even factor in the benefits of healthy eating with regard to lower medical costs, weight management and overall fitness. There's no question - eating healthy is good for you and worth every penny. 



Supercheap Superfoods

It may sound like an oxymoron, but actually it's true - many foods that are exceedingly rich in nutrients and give a sense of satiety are actually pretty inexpensive. 

Here's a list of just a few of them:

lentils             cabbage              canned sockeye salmon               carrots

green tea       black tea              sweet potatoes                         oatmeal

bok choy       asparagus             kale                                              onions

So next time you're tempted to pass by the "expensive" healthy foods, look again.  They may to be so expensive after all.