National Health Coach Week

H. Res 552  was introduced on Dec 3, 2015 to the 114th US Congress expressing support for health and wellness coaches through establishment of National Health and Wellness Coach Recognition Week.  

This year Health Coach Week is February 13-19, and as health coaches, we  do our part to reduce the health care crisis in America. Would you be surprised to learn that:

        2/3 of US adults are overweight and 1/3 of those are obese;

        more than 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes;

        40% of Americans are sleep deprived - a direct correlation with weight issues

A New Mindset

Here's something to think about: the major causes of death are not cancer, heart disease and diabetes, as one might assume.  The actual causes of death are poor nutrition, lack of movement, unmanaged stress and environmental pollutants, all of which lead to disease. Genetics accounts for 30% of health outcomes; the rest is lifestyle and exposure to toxins in air, water and food. .

Health Care Spending Has It Backwards

In the U.S. alone, $4 trillion will be spent on health care or disease care just this year. Much of this is spent on “bandaid” medications that only mask the problem, sending you down the path to secondary side effects and chronic illness.

In contrast to health and disease care spending, only 2%  goes towards prevention.  

The current health care system is not sustainable. Something needs to be done. and Health Coaches can work alongside other practitioners to rectify our current healthcare crisis. 

Health Coaches  

Personalized goals and accountability 

Personalized goals and accountability 

Health coaches are trained to look holistically at a person’s health status and provide ongoing support and practical tools to accomplish significant lifestyle changes. Knowing that most of the causes of death are preventable, investing in your health through health coaching is money well spent.  

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