Why French Women Don't Get Fat

The Key Secrets

A recent report: 

If you've ever wondered how French women stay slim while eating cheese, bread, and drinking wine, the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" has the answers. 

Author Mireille Guiliano visits The Early Show to share slimming secrets French women have known for years. 

Consider this, only 11 percent of French people are obese compared to 30 percent of Americans who are 30 pounds heavier than a healthy weight. And the reason is not because French women smoke more. The percentage of female French smokers is not much greater compared to the number of Americans who smoke according to the American Cancer Society. 

Guiliano describes it as the "ultimate non-diet book." There are no carb counts, and no fat grams listed in the various personal recipes she shares with readers in the book. Her basic advice is: Eat only good food (as in good quality). Relax and savor every bite. 

Six Weeks to Diet Freedom

I've helped hundreds of women examine their history of dieting, and their results, over the years. The response is universally the same. "Yes, I lost weight, but I gained it all back, and even more."  

This causes all sorts of anguish, and sadly,, too much self-blame.  The real blame belongs with the diet, which is narrow in scope and counts calories instead of what really matters - self-care through nourishing food.  

Mareille Guilliano explains it beautifully in her book.  It is the same approach  take in my 6 Weeks program - focus on simple whole foods, how much you need, shedding self-criticism and building awareness of the powerful mind body connection. Read more here

The author says that she understands why a recent study showed that most "diets" don't work for long term. She writes, "there is no lasting glory in rapid weight loss. That's what diets offer: a fast (weeks, not months) round of misery for temporary results. If you believe you can shed pounds quickly by force of will and deprivation, you will in all likelihood not only regain the ones you lost, but add a few more besides." 

Don't Suffer Any Longer

Women spend far too much time, money and energy on futile attempts to lose weight through dieting. If you are ready to find a better way, contact me now and we'll figure it out.