Corporate Wellness Speaker

Does your organization have an interest in employee wellness? If not, perhaps it should.  Frequent colds, viruses and flu costs companies billions each year.  Chronic illnesses cost even more in employee absences, lost productivity and insurance costs. 

Meeting Speaker

Having a motivational speaker on health topics can transform the health of your workplace. When workers are very busy with their career and personal responsibilities it is easy to let self-care and prevention fall by the wayside.  This happens until one gets sick or one is reminded of the benefits of being well.  

Wellness and You has been inspiring individuals and organizations on the benefits of a healthy workplace for many years.  With a healthy workforce, the energy changes.  Ideas and actions come more rapidly when the workforce is healthy.  

Infuse Healthy Living into Your Company's Consciousness

Health does not happen by accident.  It requires manageable action steps that guide the workforce and reinforce the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

People are the most important resource of a company. How does your organization inspire and motivate your workforce to stay well?  Contact Wellness and You to discuss your current challenges and we will work together to develop a successful plan for improving the health and well being of your people.