Foods to Give Up for Good

With my 90/10 formula of eating well 90% of the time and relaxing for the rest, there are some foods in the 10% category I would never touch, and maybe you shouldn't either.  

Unhealthy Foods

While this list isn't complete, it does include some definite no-nos.  

  1. canned soups - the can linings often contain BPA and hormone disruptors.  Glass is a much better choice. 
  2. soda - diet and regular - need I say more?  Absolutely no nutritional value.
  3. white bread and bagels - best bet is to forget about commercial breads altogether and if you must have bread, make your own or buy in a small bakery. Once you get away from commercial breads, that aisle in the supermarket won't smell much different than the laundry aisle. 
  4. energy bars - save yourself a lot of money and buy some raw nuts, seeds, dark chocolate and berries and make your own snack. It will be chemical free and taste fresher. Make up multipacks at the start of each week so you're good to go. 

Don't be fooled by convenience

None of these foods are on my healthy eating list.  Don't have them on yours either. Instead, look at the accompanying photo and choose from these delicious healthy foods. You will feel more satisfied and have a healthier body.