Still Shocking after 17 Years

I've been caring for people at Wellness and You since 1998.  Two things still shock me when I hear them.  The first is how many people are willing to settle for less than optimal health and look at illness and low energy as normal. It saddens me to see people, and sometimes health care practitioners,  simply accept this state of health as  “that’s what happens after 40”.  

The second shocker is a good one - it’s about how easily the body can restore itself to ideal health when given proper care and attention. There are exceptions, but for most of us, lifestyle and preventive care will keep us feeling great. 

You may take it for granted when you get a cut or a bruise that it will heal up in a couple of days, because that's what usually happens and we can watch it happen in front of our eyes.  Why shouldn’t the same be true for our internal body?  

In my experience as a shiatsu therapist, Reiki practitionerand a holistic nutritionist, I have seen how quickly the body can heal when given the right care.  With a combination of bodywork and healthy eating, tension releases, energy pathways are re-ignited, and cellular health is restored. 

You can read more about shiatsu and reiki here.  If you need help with your eating and are ready for support that’s not preachy and will help you sort through the incredible amount of opinions out there so you can get to what really works for you, contact me for a complimentary consultation. in person in Westwood, MA  or by phone.