JAMA and Baby Boomers Health

The Journal of the American Medical Society recently reported that the Baby Boomers Health  (b. 1946-1964) is poorer than that of their parents. Why?  If you look at history, it was in the 50's that the quality of food changed from simple whole foods to highly processed chemicalized products, fast food restaurants, and frequent intake of soda.  Along with the dietary changes came a more sedentary lifestyle. Boomers need to reclaim their health so succeeding generations aren't burdened with the consequences of poor health in older years, including  long term care and chronic conditions,  and the costs associated with both. 

In my work as a clinical nutritionist, I have seen significant improvement in blood sugar levels, body inflammation and weight issues when people are willing to change their dietary habits.  We must put an end to crash dieting on poor quality products and return to regularly spaced whole foods based eating. We must overcome the notion our major food producers put forward that we need convenience packaging and return to the dining table and home cooked meals. It may take a sea change in your habits but it can be done. Your health demands it. 

Baby Boomers Health Tips

Start with small steps.  Here are a few:

1. increase your home cooked dinners by one evening in the first week. If you eat out 4 nights a week, reduce it to 3.

2. Add more vegetables to your plate. Make it a mix of greens and oranges.

3. Look at sugar content on any packaged foods. Be mindful that 4g = 1 tsp.  Keep your sugar to a minimum. 

As you make these changes, notice how you feel.  That will be the strongest motivator of all for adding more positive changes to your eating lifestyle. 

We cannot stop the process of aging, but with consistent attention to diet and nutrition we can experience healthy aging.  My book, Food Becomes You - Simple Steps for Lifelong Wellness, will give you the tools to make healthy eating enjoyable and rewarding.