Stock Your Kitchen with Super Foods

Remember when pomegranates were all the rage? Then green tea was the way to health.  The truth is there is no single food that will guarantee good health.  You’ve heard the term “put a rainbow on your plate”?   That’s more like it.  That's how you achieve a full balance of highly nourishing and protective foods. 

Here are the foods that collectively will give you some powerful nutrients and plenty of energy:

herbs:  especially basil and thyme for digestion and anti-bacteria

garlic and onions: immune building cancer fighting agents

wild salmon:  rich source of omega3 oils

sweet potatoes:  the color says it all - rich source of B6 and potassium

kale:  off the charts nutritious source of Vit K, lutein, magnesium, potassium

quinoa: a whole grain with vitamins and complete protein

pomegranates and blueberries:  rich anti-oxidant sources

walnuts and almonds:  vitamins and healthy fats, for cholesterol and Type II management

green tea: source of antioxidant catechin, protects from cancer 

dark chocolate:  a sweet pleasure, known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels

I could include other highly nutritious foods on this list, as there are many.  But simply look at the list and add similar fruits and vegetables to the list and broaden the choices according to your taste preferences. Varying your foods will give your taste buds more experiences and will make it less likely that you will become sensitive to a food from over-consumption. 

Buying in season is always best as it ensures you are getting the freshest food and it usually is less expensive than off-season produce.