Diets Don't Work!

So you have tried them all.

Jenny Craig. LA Weight Loss. Curves. South Beach. Atkins. Weight Watchers.  If you are thinking that you have failed if you lost weight and then gained it back again, do not be hard on yourself. The very nature of dieting lends itself to weight loss and weight gain.  It is temporary and restrictive in nature and when we deny ourslves in severe ways for a temporary period of time, it is natural to return to what we have missed with a vengeance.

Diets cause problems, not solutions:

Severely restricting calories causes the body to go into starvation mode. That means your brain recognizes there's a severe restriction of foods coming into the body, so it shuts down your metabolism fearing there won't be enough food to keep you alive. When metabolism shuts down, you stop burning calories

You think about food all the time.  Has this been true for you?  Well, this is human nature, to think about what we feel we can't have but would really like. Enduring a restricitve diet makes food all the more attractice, and can make us feel really cranky for doing without.

Loss of muscle instead of fat.  This happens with a highly restrictive diet because of the starvation mechanism.  The brain thinks the body needs to conserve fat so it sheds muscle first. Since muscle burns more calories per pound than fat, we again are on a losing venture when we severely restrict calories.

You develop severe cravings. Most often severe diets do not incorporate a well balanced combination of foods. When the body is deprived of essential nutrients over a period of time, it rebels and develops severe cravings to replenish the lost nutrients. Many people who tried Atkins developed an insatiatable taste for carbohydrates, and not just the good ones.

How Wellness and You Can Help

The approach Wellness and You takes is not about deprivation and restriction. Instead, it is about discovering who you are on every level, your ancestry, your age, your lifestyle, your health history, and your life purpose, so that a meaningful, nourishing plan of action around food and lifestyle can be developed. All of your characteristics matter when developing a nutrition plan . Coupling this information with attention to eating simple whole foods, devoid of chemicals and preservatives, will energize you and set the stage for weight loss in ways dieting never could.

At Wellness and You, you will be supported in this process of healthy nourishment. In a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere, we will uncover the obstacles to your being the best you can be and the healthiest you can be. We will work on self-esteem, body image, lifestyle issues, stress, and meal planning that is simple and easy. 

I invite you to look at our Programs page for all the details on how we can work together.

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